Newsmax's Greg Kelly dismisses death threats against Judge Tanya Chutkan as “life in the fast lane”

Kelly: “Famous people tend to get threats”

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Citation From the August 21, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports 

GREG KELLY (HOST): The other latest obsession of the fake news, anything remotely critical about Judge Chutkan. She is now a deity in America. She is the January 6th judge presiding over the trial of Donald Trump that should never happen. And nothing should happen to her, but they need to lighten up quite a bit. Take a look.


Panel after panel, breaking news. Oh my goodness gracious, a voicemail. Now, that's very unfortunate, but it's also life in the fast lane. It happens. Interestingly, the fake news, they did not pick up the very real threat against Barron Trump. Barron Trump received death threats from an Illinois woman, prosecutors say, but that is -- you got to look around. You gotta hunt and peck for that story. It's very, very discreet. You know, famous people tend to get threats. It's one of the reasons back when we had phone books, you couldn't look up Dustin Hoffman's phone number in the phone book because weirdos would call him up and you know, threaten him.


So, Judge Chutkan, sorry. We don't want anything -- nobody wants anything to happen to you. But when you're on television, especially in a controversial thing, you may get a couple of weirdos calling you up on the phone. You got marshals protecting you, and that's good. We want safety. But you guys are dramatizing this because you want to score points against MAGA and you make it like we're a threat to democracy and all that stuff, alright? We know what you're doing here.