Newsmax's Greg Kelly complains that Joe Biden has “some sort of weird boyhood fetish thing with ice cream”

Kelly: “I have seen ice cream licked. I've never seen it quite devoured like this.”

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Citation From the February 27, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): Alright, then it was on to the ice cream parlor. Why did they go there? Nobody really seems to know, other than he's got some sort of weird boyhood fetish thing with ice cream. I'm an adult male. I like ice cream, I guess. Sure, Baskin-Robbins at a kid's birthday party, you know, three times a year. But to go on a Monday afternoon, also known as a workday -- that's weird. And to make major announcements about foreign policy, that's even weirder.


I have seen ice cream licked. I've never seen it quite devoured like this. The man is so uncouth. And for an ice cream social, what's up with the guy on the right? I don't know who it is. But there's no ice cream in his cone. What's that all about? I feel like it's some sort of weird signal. That cone is not bitten at all. That's all right. I know it's a little bit silly.