Newsmax's Greg Kelly claims the Trump fake elector scheme that led to indictments in Arizona “happens every election cycle”

Kelly: “Calling it a fake elector scheme is actually a fake scheme”

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Citation From the April 24, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): What? New indictments? New indictments of Trump people? Yup, here we go again. Indicted in Arizona, what they're calling, what Arizona's calling the fake elector scheme. I call it, quite frankly, constitutional. Happens every election cycle.

But look at who they indicted: Rudy Giuliani; Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff; Boris Epshteyn, he's still with Trump, yeah, one of the top legal advisers. And, oh, John Eastman, again. Christina Bobb. Jenna Ellis — what happened to her? Anyway.

And also in Michigan, although some of the people we know here, unindicted co-conspirators, so they were indicted by state authorities in Arizona, they're unindicted in Michigan. But this fake elector scheme — calling it a fake elector scheme is actually a fake scheme. All right? There's much more to say on this. We just found this out a little while ago.