Newsmax's Greg Kelly: “The case against [Rep. George Santos] is actually pretty rotten”

Kelly: “The serious allegations against him have not been proven. They haven't.”

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Citation From the November 30, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): George Santos, the embattled Republican congressman from Long Island in his first term, and tomorrow there's a real good chance he's going to get expelled. There was a, well, a resolution debated on the House floor today if a vote should take place tomorrow and that vote will take place tomorrow, but I think the case against him is actually pretty rotten. Look, I'm skeptical for a couple of reasons. These accusations are coming from two groups of people I don't generally trust -- career politicians and the mainstream media. I have to say this, the allegations, the serious allegations against him have not been proven. They haven't.

And when I first became aware of George Santos, I guess it was earlier this year, I was going around the dial, and I saw a scene like this. He's surrounded by a thousand reporters. Like, who is this guy? He must be very, very important. What? He was elected in November? He's been on the job for a month. OK. This seems a little bit disproportionate, right? The media's interest, when you have a guy like Joe Biden in the White House. So, leave it to the Republicans, they go after him. And today, Republicans were leading the charge debating that resolution.


And they're picking on George Santos. Something is wrong. Very, very wrong. I haven't figured it out yet. I mean, look, it's the deep state and they've got their minions. But, anyway, the case against him continued today.


All right. There's a lot of deja vu here, right? I have -- I -- these just don't seem to amount to all that much. Except for the last one, saying that your mom was in the South Tower on 9/11 when she wasn't. But I tried to find George Santos actually saying that, and there's no record of it. Now, there is a line on his website. And for what I know about politics, the candidate himself -- there's a good chance that the candidate did not write this blurb about himself on the website. I mean, it's a possibility. I heard, also, other politicians say things that really turned me off, not written on the website, that they actually said out loud.