Newsmax host accuses the National Museum of African American History and Culture of “creating more division”

Greg Kelly comments on children from New York City visiting the acclaimed museum: “How much can we learn about Harriet Tubman?”

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Citation From the September 27, 2022, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): Okay, also this. The New York City Police Department is a great organization, and I think their heart is in the right place. They sent a bunch of kids on a cool field trip, although it wasn't as cool as it could have been. They all got on an NYPD bus, okay? Donald Trump calls it the paddy wagon. Anyway, NYPD bus and they went down to Washington, D.C. Here's a police captain, I think, describing what's going on.


KELLY: Cool. Very cool. But here is the problem. Where do they go in Washington, D.C.? What's the destination? The African-American Museum of Culture and History. Uhh, how much can we learn about Harriet Tubman? I mean, I'm sorry, but there are so many cool museums. And I think – well, I've been to this museum and I really think in this moment some of it is, well, creating more division. Yes, more division. A museum can do that if you focus too much on what separates us.

I wish that bus would take a slight detour and go to the Air and Space Museum. I don't care what you look like – that is the coolest museum in the world, alright? You walk in – planes and spaceships everywhere, so much better than any museum there, any museum. I love it. It's very kid-appropriate. Hey, they even have a moon rock you can touch. Please, please kids and the cops try to check it out while you're there.

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