Newsmax host says Chef José Andrés is “not that nice” and the World Central Kitchen “needs to be disbanded immediately”

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Citation From the April 9, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): And this whole idea of making the food there — maybe they're a little bit too aggressive because there's something called the meal ready to eat. Now, the military uses this. You don't have to cook it. I know it's not cozy, but it will keep you alive. This is really what they should be handing out and governments can take care of this, maybe some NGOs. But to go in there with their pots and pans. And Andrés, this is another issue, what does he do there? What is his role? 


KELLY: I don't have a title. When you don't have a title, sometimes you don't have responsibility. Sounds great, but, you know, it's confusing. And when that organization got as big as it got and all the money flowing around, you need people who know what they're doing and have titles. And, again, he didn't mean for any of this to happen. He's probably a good guy, but get over yourself.


KELLY: See what I mean? It's just a little bit much. And in a disaster, they don't need dishes, they need nutrition. They need those MREs, which they say oh, no MREs, this food is much better. Yeah, but it's a disaster. Wait, and then you'll have the nice food later. I don't know. Too many celebrities, too much — one other thing, Jeff Bezos gave him $100 million just for being a nice guy, literally for being a nice guy. He's not that nice — yelling and screaming at people all over the place. Jeff Bezos gave him $100 million for being a nice guy.


KELLY: $100 million dollars — that can all go to your head. And then comes the comic book with this guy as the superhero on top of the mountain, helping people. And the longer table and the subtle — not-so-subtle anti-Trump message. The World Central Kitchen, interesting concept, needs to be disbanded immediately.