Newsmax host dismisses Cassidy Hutchinson, saying she testified “because of her looks”

Greg Kelly: “They're impressed by what she looks like, but her story does not add up”

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Citation From the June 28, 2022, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): And boy, oh boy did they swoon. They thought they had a redo of Watergate, their new John Dean. This very junior person -- her name is Cassidy Hutchinson, sworn in today at the January 6 hearing. Now, let's see, what's special about her? Quite frankly, I think they picked her, in part, because of her looks. Yes, a lot of this stuff was done based on optics. Absolutely. We'll get to what she said in a moment. They've done this before. They had hundreds of cops to choose from. They chose Ms. Edwards. Do you remember her – with the blonde hair? They specifically chose her. And for their fancy photo-ops when they show off the Capitol Hill police, what do they – who do they put out there? Folks who look like this. Okay? It's all, it's all a game, it's all a game. And they really made this witness -- I think they dressed her up real nice. I think they may have sent her to some, sort of, rancho relaxo. But take a look at -- I mean, that's what she looked like back at the White House, here's what she looks like today. I think they gave her a bit of a -- I don't know, an appointment with the fashion police or something.


KELLY: They're impressed by what she looks like, but her story does not add up.