Greg Gutfeld's gay bar fail

Fox News' Red Eye host this week announced he wants to open a gay bar near the proposed Islamic Center in downtown Manhattan, the one that has so many right-wingers unhinged and inspired one Andrew Breitbart blogger this week to accuse New York City's Jewish mayor of acting like a Nazi collaborator because he supports the Islamic Center.

Gutfeld and his fans think it's hysterical and that he's struck upon a genius idea to “build dialogue” because a gay bar would make Muslims furious and they'd oppose one opening near their Islamic Center and, OMG, that would highlight the hypocrisy of the whole endeavor because they don't care that their Islamic Center makes some New Yorkers (and GOP partisans) furious.

But of course the p.r. stunt only works if Islamic Center supporters react as insanely as do those who view their proposal as an act of war. The gay bar shtick only works if Gutfeld can get Muslim leaders to take the bait and go off on tangents about how a gay bar placed near the Islamic Center is offensive and that Gutfeld must move the location! Meaning, the gay bar idea only works if Muslims match the hate rhetoric on the right.

So yeah, the idea's already a fail because in a Twitter exchange with Gutfeld here was the response from “Park51,” the official account of the proposed Islamic Center [emphasis added]:

You're free to open whatever you like. If you won't consider the sensibilities of Muslims, you're not going to build dialog


We're a community center. @GregGutfeld's baiting isn't really our issue.

Have fun with dealing with the Zoning Commission Greg! And oh yeah, the open-a-gay-bar-to-build-dialogue idea only works if you don't already have a well-earned reputation for gay baiting.

UPDATED: Too funny for words: Newsbusters has determined, based on “Park51's” tweets, that it “has apparently taken a stance against Gutfeld's bar.”

Right, by telling Gutfeld he's “free to open” whatever he likes, the Islamic Center opposes Gutfeld's p.r. stunt, just like critics have condemned the Muslim project.

UPDATED: Do I even have to point out that it's absurd to take Gutfeld's bar-opening proposal seriously just because he claims to have spoken to investors and wants to move forward. He's a comedian with no background (I don't think) in New York City real commercial estate and development. I mean, I'd like to build a roller coaster on top of the Empire State Building. If I write a blog post claiming I've talked to “investors,” would anyone take that seriously?

And yes, I'm betting you'd be able to buy tickets for my roller coaster ride before you're able to visit Gutfeld's gay bar.