Fox's Greg Gutfeld attacks those who may have student loans forgiven: “It’s the perfect example of unfairness”

Gutfeld: “That is the perfect example of unfairness”

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Citation From the April 25, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five 

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): She's like a terrible doctor. You know? She sees that you have a broken leg and she goes, "You know what? Let me break the other one, so we're -- they're both equal."

Because that's the whole point about liberal progressives and these socialists is that it's not about achievement, it's about everybody going down to the same level. And she talks about, always about fairness. She is the most unfair person on the planet. When she pushes student loan cancellation, that is the perfect example of unfairness because what about the people who already paid off their loans, right? That is ultimately unfair, every time any of us pay taxes, it's never your fair share -- that's what they always say. And it's very lazy. But what she's doing is basically punishing people who did the right thing.