Fox News hosts make evidence-free claim that green energy campaigns in America are funded by Russia to increase dependence on foreign oil

Greg Gutfeld: “We were convinced, probably through the help of Russia, that our fuel industry was bad.”

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Citation From the March 4, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five 

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): But the left prefers to fuel a war instead of a country. And the absurd is we have been instructed by the media, the Democrats for decades that energy is a moral issue. As far as the planet goes -- coal, fracking, fossil fuels -- these are immoral things. These are crimes against the environment. And yet, it's okay to buy the dirty oil from a war machine. So, it shows you that the moral stances of these people who had been telling us for decades how much better they were than us -- us evil right-wingers in our pickup trucks, in our gas-guzzling SUVs -- they're actually the most immoral people, because they were phonies and they were liars. 

But there is an amazing -- Russia played us for the longest time. They love that we denigrated our energy prowess. They loved that we bought the idea that nuclear power was bad and that solar was good, and that Greta was a hero because that made us more reliant on Russian oil, and now, Iran's oil because we're sitting -- we were convinced, probably through the help of Russia, that our fuel industry was bad. So, now you look at Ukraine, there are fingerprints there of the hard green movement because Russia used the green movement to play us and preserve their own power by selling oil. 

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): Yeah, they funded all those campaigns: "Anti-fracking, anti-nuclear." They did it.