Fox News host Greg Gutfeld calls support for reproductive rights a “psychosis” led by “young, angry single women”

Greg Gutfled: “That's a psychosis”

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Citation From the September 7, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five 

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): I remember when I was watching the protests after 2016 when Trump won, and I saw the protests -- it was a lot of single women, it wasn't a lot of men. And the men there, they weren't exquisite specimens. Let's be -- let's face it.

But I saw a lot of young, angry females and the Democratic Party, in a way, has become the party of young, angry single women, right? They place abortion before babies, right? It's their right to have convenient up to the birth abortion on demand, up to birth. That is not a party for a family. That's not a -- that's a psychosis. If you think you can abort a child up to the day of birth -- that's -- that's insane.