Fox News' Greg Gutfeld says Democrats are lying about the threat of white supremacy to “keep Blacks angry”

Gutfeld: “White supremacy is not a threat to them”

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Citation From the May 15, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five 

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): I just think it's time that white people stop lying to the Black people, right? Why do we lie to them? Why do we tell them. "Hey, when you get out in to the real world, this is what you're going to face." That's a lie, it's an outright lie. White supremacy is not a threat to them. 

If you look at the ADL, who are very biased towards labeling everything a racist act, they found 25 murders, I guess, in 2022 attributed to extremism. Out of 26,000 homicides, 25 murders, two mass -- true, two mass shootings. So, it's rare. It's ugly. It's rare. But it sure as hell ain't the number one threat. 

That is a -- the most obvious lie you could come up with. So, he is lying. You have to ask. Why do you lie to Black people? Why do you lie to Black people? Why do liberals feel that they have to do that? 

Because they need to keep Blacks angry. They need to keep Blacks close to them, right? This does not serve Black people. If it doesn't serve Black people, it doesn't serve white people either because it creates conflict. 

The people who need to cleave Blacks from whites do so because they realize there is profit in discontent. They're rent seeking. As long as it's a problem, whether it's racism or whether it's homelessness -- a billion dollars went to homelessness. We don't know where it went because you need a persistent crisis in order to keep your job. 

Consultants and corporations, right? Activists. You've got to keep this lie going. And once Blacks walk away from this lie, they're going to be happy but they're going to be pissed.