Fox News' Greg Gutfeld says Black people imitate bad behavior while protesting, leading to more violence than “largely white” riots like Charlottesville and January 6

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Citation From the August 15, 2023, edition of Fox News' Gutfeld!

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): Why is it that when a largely white-attended event goes bad, it's one and done. And I don't mean my last birthday party when Tom Shillue jumped out of the cake. 

Take Charlottesville. That's largely white, if I remember. And it was gross and disgusting. Did it repeat? Nope. There was universal revulsion and condemnation. Just like my honeymoon. The same thing, though, happened on Jan 6th. What made that so bad was that it was so jarring, an exception to the rule for any Dems that might have tuned in by accident. It lasted six hours, not days or weeks. 

Well, what about other events with racial components that turn violent? As in looting mobs. It's a story so common we can just replay old videos. Why is this so common? Because it's obviously being imitated. People in general will imitate behavior if it's incentivized and allowed. 

So, let's compare. In Charlottesville, condemnation, right? Not incentivized, and so not imitated. The 2020 Floyd riots, incentivized by refusal to criminalize despite billions in damage and at least 25 deaths. You got a future VP setting up a bail fund for looters, money that should have gone to hiring her a speech coach. And so it continued, imitated. 

The point being the media and its acolytes cannot deny Blacks their right to imitate bad behavior while they inform Blacks that imitating productive behavior is selling out to the oppressor. Why are Black youth enraged or encouraged to imitate only bad behavior? You don't see little league coaches showing their teams endless clips of the Mets. 


But blaming the oppressors as always are all white means one cannot or won't accept them as worthy of imitation. Which is sad, because, boy, do you miss out on the excellence of individuals. But if you only use the group filter of oppressor versus oppressed, you can't see individuals and how they act and achieve, which makes it impossible to imitate their good behavior. Will there still be injustices? Of course and that sucks, but you don't let it own you. Instead use all the tools you learned, the things you imitate from others who are successful to reach success. 


But it's only the media academic complex who assume that Blacks as a group can only follow bad examples and that assumption guaranties more young Black folks will do it because doing anything else is seen as embracing whitey.