Fox host says supporters of Black Lives Matter “have lost the right to complain” about plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer

Greg Gutfeld: “The media and Democrats have lost the right to complain about any violence”

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Citation From the October 9, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSICA TARLOV (HOST): Greg, final thoughts from you. Focus on anarchists, maybe? I feel like that would upset you.

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): No, it doesn't, actually, because I am an anarchist. The only way to tell if a news story is important is if the mainstream media acts like it isn't important. And the stories they usually embrace are the complete reverse. For example, the same people that laughed off the looting and the rioting -- and I do mean laugh off because I saw it on some networks -- laughing about Black-on-Black crime, laughing about the looting, saying mostly peaceful, are the same people pointing at this story now and going, "Aha! See! White supremacists, see!" Even though -- even the -- even the target is white. And as you said, anarchists. So the media and the Democrats by ignoring rampant violence that's still going on in -- in Portland today and going on in Wisconsin this week, it was terrible what they were doing to the residents' homes, they were throwing objects into people's homes that could have children there, okay? That's horrible. 

They plead with BLM to stop, the -- the protesters and they didn't. So what I'm saying is the media and Democrats have lost the right to complain about any violence because they didn't say a word for three to four months. Every time you hear that study that they cite, 93 percent of the protests were mostly peaceful and 7 percent not peaceful. 13 people in this -- in this band of weirdos out of 340 million is infinitesimal. So clearly, if you think that 93 percent mostly peaceful is okay, you shouldn't have a problem with this crazy little band of kidnappers since it comes to about one out of  thirty -- odds of one in 36 million. So that -- you --you kind of dug your hole and you're going to have to sit in it.