Fox host falsely claims that no person with a concealed carry permit has ever committed a mass shooting

Greg Gutfeld: “Someone correct me later. I won't listen.” We certainly agree that he won't listen, but here's the evidence anyway.

The Violence Policy Center has compiled a list of mass shooters who had concealed carry permits, including examples that cited reports from Fox News.

Additionally, Daniel Webster, the co-director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, said recently of data regarding mass shootings: “If anything, it shows higher rates of fatal mass shootings in response to weaker regulations for concealed carry by civilians.”

All of this contradicts the below claims by Fox host Greg Gutfeld.

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Citation From the June 23, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): I think about mass shooters, I don't believe — and someone correct me later. I won't listen. But I don't believe anybody with a concealed carry permit ever committed a mass shooting. And so I think the ban itself had no role in, like, preventing these things, right?

But you could argue that a concealed carry — or of that — could help stop a mass shooting because it creates uncertainty among the suspects. That's why the Aurora shooter skipped a few movie theaters because he knew that there were guns there. And also, we know that just the science of it, the number of people dying in a mass shooting is wholly dependent on the time it takes for a gun to get there.

And given the fact that, at the last shooting in Texas, that the police had the guns and didn't do it, man, boy, does that argue for this. Because if there had been a person — because, and I'm — and this is not to condemn the police, but because there's the fog of war aspect going on — but in this fog of war, there might be somebody within that war, in that room, that might have stopped it, as opposed to the people out there.