Newsmax host claims a secret group of Democrats is working to “destroy the suburbs by turning them into migrant population centers”

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Citation From the September 22, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Stinchfield

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): So right now, the radical faction of the Democrat Party is in control. Joe Biden cozies up to them. But what may be most troubling is that I don't actually think he's deciding anything. I think the roundtable of co-conspirators consists not of Joe Biden, but of Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett and, yes, Barack Obama I'm sure is on the speakerphone.

The goal here isn't about providing comfort and opportunity to the tens of thousands of illegal aliens coming to America. The goal is clearly to dilute America, to import poverty, and to fundamentally destroy the suburbs by turning them into migrant population centers. The Democrats will then train these migrants, like they trained low income Americans, to be dependent on government. It's not about race here, folks, either. It's about poverty and making people sure that people stay there. And making sure that most people possible are reliant on government. They want as many as possible just reliant on absolute government for all of their needs. Of course, making it impossible, then, for those people to vote for any other candidate than a Democrat because that Democrat will promise to keep the payoffs coming. And there are times when they openly reveal that plot, too.