On YouTube, Dave Rubin defends Scott Adam's racist rant: “He did not say anything racist”

Rubin: “All he said was, my advice to you would be, well, you wouldn't wanna move into a neighborhood like that”

CNN reported on Scott Adams' tirade: “Newspapers across the country dropped the 'Dilbert' comic strip over the weekend after the creator of the satirical cartoon went on a racist tirade, calling Black Americans a 'hate group' and suggesting that White people should 'get the hell away' from them.”

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Citation From the March 2, 2023, edition of The Rubin Report, streamed on YouTube

DAVE RUBIN (HOST):  Richard says, what are your thoughts on the Scott Adams controversy? Was he wrong? So, if you have not heard about this, there's a major controversy involving Scott Adams.

First off, I like Scott Adams. I consider him a friend. He is a good man, and that -- let me just put that there, period. Scott, by the way, we got him involved in Locals. He loved it so much. Immediately, very early on, he was like, hey, I'd love to -- I'd love to invest. Can I throw some money into this thing because I really believe in it? And he put his money where his mouth is, and he -- and he's just a good man.

The controversy basically is this. There was a video going viral where -- produced by a leftist organization -- with a series of Black people basically, in essence, saying they don't like white people and here's why. And it was promoted by this lefty organization. Okay? And Scott watched it, and then he also saw this -- there was this other poll, that basically 50 percent of Black Americans think it's wrong to be white. I don't know how accurate the poll is. You know my feelings about polls in general. But he watched this video and then that poll, and then what he commented on on his livestream -- he does this livestream on Locals all the time. Well, he does livestream all over the place, but now he's being canceled left and right, so I think it'll probably be exclusive on Locals soon enough.

In essence, what he said was my advice to white people would be not to go to areas where there are a bunch of people who hate you, going off the information he had just heard. He did not say anything racist. He did not say I don't like Black people. He did not say you shouldn't like Black people, or anything like that. He was taking a certain set of information that he had heard and then said, what is the real -- what is the reality of this, if these people want special laws for one race and another laws for another race? We used to call that racist, right?

You know, imagine -- let's say 50 percent of Germans said that, you know, you shouldn't like Jews. You think there would be a problem there? So again, putting aside the percentages on this and everything else, all he said was, my advice to you would be, well, you wouldn't wanna move into a neighborhood like that.

Anyway, a bunch of newspapers canceled Dilbert. He got his book with Penguin -- which is my publisher, the publisher I've used in the past, I suspect that I will not be using them again. He got his next book canceled by them and a whole bunch of other stuff. But he, wisely, is on Rumble and Locals.

Anyway, I think he's a good dude. He -- he's inflammatory, and he's intentionally inflammatory. And he likes poking the bear. That's part of what he does, but he is not a racist. Silly nonsense.