On YouTube, Dave Rubin and guests promote “groomer” slur

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Citation From the July 22, 2022, edition of The Rubin Report, streamed on YouTube

DAVE RUBIN (HOST): We've got a headline here from the The Daily Caller. This is from a couple days ago because you know these left-wing woke progressive — whatever the hell you want to call them at this point — these activists, they're always pushing for the rest of us to be censored. So here's a headline from The Daily Caller a couple days ago - 'left-wing activists urge big tech to censor anti-pedophile smear.' Now, the anti-pedophile smear that they're referring to is this meme of ok, groomers, that's been going around the internet. And this is where people are calling out all of these, sort of, gender queer teachers who want to talk to other people's children about sexuality and not report it back to the parents, etc, etc, you guys get all of that. 

Well then — this is a woman, I believe — Ari Drennen is a woman, though I'm not a biologist, from Media Matters. She's the LGBTQ program director over at Media Matters. She wrote, she tweeted this, "Daily Caller: we aren't anti-LGBTQ, we're anti-pedophile. Also the Daily Caller also uses a generic picture of young people holding Pride flags in the article." And here's where the story hits home, James Lindsey tweeted back "Ok groomer." And he was quickly, swiftly dealt with by the Twitter lords. He was suspended. 

James, you're a mean dude. You just don't want to play by their rules. You just want to, you know, go on the attack against people who want to talk to other people's kids about sex. What's the deal with you?

JAMES LINDSEY (GUEST): Yeah, I don't like that when they talk to other people's kids about sex. And our mortal enemies or clown troupe or whatever we have over at Media Matters got sick of the little trend I started. I don't know if you knew, Dave, I started the ok, groomer thing back in October. I think I have the first ok, groomer—

RUBIN: Was that you? You were actually, like, the first legit ok, groomer person?

LINDSEY: I am the first ok, groomer. That's right—

RUBIN: Wow. 

LINDSEY: And so I did a series of podcasts I titled groomer schools, I did four of them. The most recent one I did just a few weeks ago, or at least a few weeks ago, where I read through a paper talking about drag queen story hour. And I'm not ok with drag queen story hour. I'm not ok with groomers. I'm not ok with, whether this is sexual grooming or ideological cult grooming. And so I called this out and Media Matters couldn't handle this after a few months. 

I didn't know — apparently they changed the rule on Twitter back in February about telling anybody they made this an explicit rule — that you can't call particular classes of people, who I assume they mean are the Ts and the Qs because most L,G, and Bs are against the grooming thing. So you can't call a T or Q within the alphabet people, and maybe some of the — probably most of the plusses if I had to guess — you can't call those people groomers on Twitter or they'll mass report you and they'll knock you off and put something about it in your Wikipedia entry.