While celebrating the end of affirmative action, Benny Johnson calls the policy “Nazi-level thinking”

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Citation From the June 29, 2023, edition of The Benny Show, streamed on YouTube

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): So, it's wrong if you have Black guilt. It's wrong if you have white guilt. That is from the pit of hell, that you should be judged differently because of what your skin color is. I don't know how -- why is it that we are the people celebrating this? All the people, all the libs that marched in the street talking about systemic racism all summer a couple summers ago -- burning down the White House -- all those people should be screaming with joy from the top of the rooftops right now because affirmative action is systemic racism.


So, what they're gonna try and do is they tried to, effectively, get a end around, right, of the Supreme Court. Supreme Court tried to stop this in the seventies. They did an end around. Colleges judge people by their race. I think we have some statistics on that, we'll get it for you. A good example is -- that I've seen recently -- ALX, see if you can pull this up. I know I retweeted it. Medical school and the varying degrees of acceptance to medical school based on your MCAT, which is a standardized test. Wouldn't you want -- do you -- have you ever gone to a doctor and been like, yo, what's your skin color? Are you gonna be able to treat me? What's your skin color? Hey doc, come here. I got a chart for you. I'm gonna hold that chart up against your skin to see whether you are allowed to treat me. What a sick, depraved society. These leftists, these libs, they really do have, like, Nazi-level thinking here. The racial quotas, the -- I -- it's like eugenics-thinking. It's so backwards. It's so glorious what's happened here this morning. Make sure that you celebrate it along with us. It's really important.


Jonathan Turley now saying that what the Supreme Court has done is, effectively, said that they are going to treat everyone as an individual not as a greater member of their race. It's called blood libel. I mean, again, this is sick National Socialist-level thinking. Blood libel is your entire race is the same. Because of your skin color, you're part of a race and you are the same as every other member of that race. It's un-Christian thinking. It does not account for an actual God that created you as a unique individual and that will judge you as a unique individual. Your God won't judge all Black -- God's not gonna judge all Black people when you get to heaven. How do you think this works? I'm a Christian. This is the way that I see the world. This is my worldview. I am proud of my worldview. This is how I live. So why should we? So you're gonna say that all -- like, all Blacks need this certain standard to get into medical school, but all whites need this certain standard, and all Asians need this certain standard. Why -- what kind of thinking is that? What kind of degenerate thinking is that?


If you go down this path, if you go down this path, if you somehow get through the, you are not a unique individual that deserves to make your own decisions and be judged by your own competency and capacity, you as a person, well, then you'd slip directly into eugenics. You slip immediately into National Socialist ideology -- and I don't say the word Nazi. I say the word National Socialist. That's what Nazi stands for. It's very important. You should rub the socialists' faces in it. Rub their faces in it. Just remember that -- that they like to say the word Nazi. Remind them that it's not Nazi. These people are National Socialists. This is -- is just -- that's just a shortening of what -- of National Socialism in Germany. You slip directly into National Socialist ideology when you do that. When you start judging people by blood libel -- oh, you're just part of this greater group. We don't like that group or we really like that group. We're gonna give them a bunch privileges and you none or the other way around. It always leads to the same place.