Turning Point USA’s Drew Hernandez hosts series of homophobic rants on YouTube for Pride Month

The host of Turning Point USA’s daily show Frontlines, Drew Hernandez, has spent the first half of June targeting the LGBTQ community and Pride Month, referring to it as “groomer month” and calling LGBTQ people “mentally ill.” Publishing videos to TPUSA’s half a million-plus YouTube subscribers, Hernandez has called for parents who bring their children to Pride events to be arrested. 

Hernandez has a history of inserting himself into right-wing media narratives through live reporting on high-profile events. He was on the ground in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on the 2020 night when Kyle Rittenhouse shot multiple protesters, and he served as a defense witness for Rittenhouse, claiming the protesters in the area were “antifa” and were “rioting” at the time of the shooting. He also promoted the right-wing Truckers for Freedom protests. Since August 2020, Hernandez has appeared on Fox News nine times, with seven appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  

Turning Point USA, a right-wing organization targeting students, recently put on a conference where speakers gave advice to high school and college-aged women on creating a “godly foundation for your relationship,” getting married, and having babies.