Tim Pool deflects criticism of Marjorie Taylor Greene's appearance at a white nationalist conference

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Citation From the February 28. 2022 edition of Timcast IRL, streamed on YouTube

TIM POOL (HOST): "Thoughts on Marjorie Taylor Greene's association with a young idiots conference, saw the Erick Erickson clip that was posted." I don't know what that's a reference to. Are you referring to the America First conference? If you are, because I don't know if you mean young idiot by that, but Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at Nick Fuentes' thing, and the media was like, why are you speaking at a white nationalist conference and she was like I was speaking to people at a conference to tell them about ideas i believe in or something like that.

And i'm just like, these journalists, it's really funny to hear them yelling that because they have no idea what they're talking about it. It's like, I don't know or care -- look, she said I disavow white nationalism. I was speaking to people who care about America. but the journalists are all like, but, but it's a white nationalist conference. And it's like OK, I guess. if you say so. What is that? You're not even asking me a question. You're just saying the thing over and over again. Sure white nationalism is stupid, I get it. Marjorie Taylor Greene has opinions. Question her opinions and ask her something about it.

IAN CROSSLAND (CO-HOST): What is white nationalism? I ask this from time to time because definitions change from time to time so what is it today?

LAUREN SOUTHERN (GUEST): Well Wikipedia has dubbed me the expert.

CROSSLAND: I'm glad you're here. Maybe you can help me.

POOL: It's simple.

SOUTHERN: I think it means you have borders.

POOL: The actual white nationalism is people who believe there should be a country just for white people.

CROSSLAND: So it's like racial supremacists?

SOUTHERN: That's like the real definition.

POOL: Right, the real definition, of course. So when they come out and they're accusing you – what they're trying to claim is you're a white person who thinks there should be a country just for white people or if you're a white nationalist in America you think America should just be for white people or whatever.