Tim Pool admits that YouTube doesn't actually care about disinformation on their platform, it just wants to assuage advertisers

Pool was hosting Alex Jones, who was banned from YouTube long ago

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Citation From a December 11, 2020 livestream on YouTube channel Timcast IRL

TIM POOL (HOST): I don't think they care.


POOL: Listen, when they just issued this, YouTube made this ruling where they said you can't make claims about Trump and fraud or whatever; the report they put out was actually about their advertisers. It wasn't -- they didn't care about fraud or anything. They're just like "Look advertisers we're doing really nice for you, please don't pull your ads off our platform."

After being widely criticized for allowing and promoting election misinformation, YouTube finally claimed that they would take action against election misinformation on their platform. Predictably, the initial results are terrible.