Merchant Of Doubt Marc Morano Concerned Google Won't Promote His Website's Climate Change Denial


Fox News regular Marc Morano is worried that Google is going to start burying his climate change denial website, Climate Depot, which is full of toxic inaccuracies and could therefore be vulnerable to Google's plan to rank websites based on their truthfulness.

A Google research team has developed a system to more thoroughly judge the accuracy of a web page's information. The team's new research paper describing the metric states that a source would be considered “trustworthy” based on “the correctness of factual information provided by the source.” Though the system and its algorithm are still in development, the researchers have claimed that it shows “promise in evaluating web source quality.”

Morano's concern over the new search algorithm is understandable, given that his climate denial website, Climate Depot, would likely be buried in searches using the new accuracy-based system.

The recent documentary Merchants of Doubt highlighted how Morano has used his media appearances and his website -- which he is paid to run by a fossil fuel industry-funded organization -- to cast doubt on the scientific consensus on climate change.

The March 6 edition of Fox News' Happening Now featured Morano expressing his concern over the new search metric: