Dave Rubin: If I found out a teacher talked to my 6-year-old about gender or sexuality, “I might kill that person”

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Citation From the September 15, 2022, edition of The Rubin Report streamed on YouTube

DAVE RUBIN (HOST): Elizabeth says a lot of activists are pushing for puberty blockers on children, and some are even saying that everyone should be placed on them until they can decide which gender they want to be. I know that sounds nuts, but that's actually true. How can we put a stop to this kind of insanity? Should the parental rights in education bill in Florida be adopted into other states or is that still not enough?

Look, that's a start. That is a start but it is not enough. So, first off, of course, every state should model the “Don't Say Gay” bill, which has nothing to do with being gay, and simply that you do not want six-year-olds being taught anything about sexuality or gender by state educators, and especially if they can keep that information private from the parents. 

Just imagine, I mean, I've thought about this — so now Justin's six years old, he's in first grade, imagine if I found out that, actually, for three months there was a teacher talking to him about gender or sexuality. Maybe calling him Justine instead of Justin, and I didn't know about that. I might kill that person. That's where we're at, right? 

So, unless you don't want these people to be killed — and I mean this somewhat flippantly — like, they want to abuse children. They want to abuse children. That is abuse. I don't mean that as overt sexual abuse but it is an abuse of a child.

And you can start by doing some of the stuff legislatively. But really what you need to do is everyone needs to understand these issues clearly and not let their kids be part of this. If this is happening at a school, if it's happening — wherever it might be happening, if it's happening at a church or a synagogue or in the basketball league or any of the nonsense. You must be willing to stand up and tell your kids what is true and not put them in danger from these things, because this absolutely is danger.

What do you think the world is going to be like when we're being run — right now we're being run by a bunch of geriatric lunatics who are just trying to hold onto something that they should've given away a long time ago or never had a right to hold for so long. What do you thinks going to happen when the, say, millennial generation, or even below the millennials, the zoomers, or even below that – when the eight-year-old of today, when they're in charge and they think back to being jabbed with things that we find out they shouldn't have been jabbed with and they think back to being put in front of TikTok to be brainwashed with gender nonsense, and abused by their teachers. And now they're in charge, do you think they might be a little pissed off at the old people? I think so, I think so.