Dave Rubin compares unvaccinated people to “the Jews before the Holocaust”

Rubin: “There aren't gas chambers in Canada, yet”

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Citation From the February 15, 2022, edition of The Rubin Report, streamed on YouTube

DAVE RUBIN (HOST): I lost family members on both sides of the Holocaust, OK? I grew up around Holocaust survivors. I'm well-versed in what the Holocaust was and what the demonization of people is.


The way something like the Holocaust starts is you otherize people. Right? You keep otherizing them. Oh, you can't be part of the economy, you can't own a store, you can't do this, we're going to demonize you, you're diseased. So it is not a giant leap, OK? It really is not, and I don't care how much hate I get for this. It is not a giant leap, after two years of demonizing certain people who want a certain choice, a medical choice -- and choice used to be thought of as a good thing -- to compare them to the Jews before the Holocaust. It's not a perfectly symmetrical situation, right? There aren't gas chambers in Canada, yet. OK, so it's not perfect. But it's not deeply wrong.