CNN’s Brian Stelter: Claims of anti-conservative bias by tech giants are “not backed up by data or science”

Media Matters has produced numerous studies showing no evidence of bias against conservative content

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Citation From the July 29, 2020, edition of CNN’s CNN Newsroom

BRIAN STELTER (CNN CHIEF MEDIA CORRESPONDENT): And the conversation about Google was really interesting. When you or I search on Google now, when we type in a question, oftentimes the result is a Google answer. Google is finding the answer or directing you to a Google site. That is a change in the Google algorithm. And so that is an example of possible consumer harm. However, Google says that's an improvement, that's a benefit to the customer, because it's the best, fastest answer. So there you go, that's the tension, that's the story.

And then there's this parallel track, where you have some Republican lawmakers accusing these companies of anti-conservative bias and trying to get them to make certain commitments and promises. Let's just all remember — the claims about bias in tech platforms are anecdotal, not backed up by data or science. These are stories, not statistics. But we're probably going to hear more of that from the Republicans in the coming minutes.