Benny Johnson: “Voting should be hard”

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Citation From the December 16, 2023, edition of The Benny Show, streamed on YouTube

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): I know that we have labored our point here, but it's really, really important to see what a disaster the voting -- they broke our elections on purpose, OK? COVID was designed to break our elections. That was the purpose -- they had mail-in balloting all set up already. The drop boxes. Do you think that stuff, like, happened by accident? These were pre-planned. This was designed. Voting should be hard. I know this is gonna get me in trouble, of saying this, but there should be a threshold for your -- for you to actively decide to go vote. Just like getting a driver's license, just like buying a firearm, just like buying cigarettes or alcohol, there should be a barrier to entry, meaning you should have to want to do those things. It shouldn't be made illegal, obviously. It shouldn't be made too hard. You shouldn't be kept from voting, but you should have to want to vote. Your vote should be something valuable that you go and attain. It should be more valuable than a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of booze or a driver's license. Now, you could argue that it is more valuable than any of those things. Therefore, you should have to want to vote. You should do it in an orderly fashion, and in a fashion that is systematic and that is locked down. Secure.