Benny Johnson says Donald Trump would still be president if Jim Jordan had been speaker

Johnson: “The people who vote against Jim Jordan are the rats”

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Citation From the October 17, 2023, edition of The Benny Show, streamed on YouTube

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): Not only is there not a Republican voter in America that has a problem with Jim Jordan, the vast majority of actual activists and grassroots people are thrilled about Jim Jordan, as we have enumerated on this show time and time again. Because Jim Jordan is us. Jim Jordan was swept in with the Tea Party. Jim Jordan is a man who has fought our battles and has listened to the grassroots. He's a brawler. He's a championship wrestler. He's a boy from Ohio. He's a scrapper, kinda like the rest of us. He's got cauliflower ears and a weird hairline, kinda like the rest of us. And you know what? The guy's seen hard times, and he's come out of them, and he fights. He doesn't wear a jacket. Kinda like me. And so, listen, I think that this is awesome, an awesome moment.

Why would anyone vote against Jim Jordan? I don't get it unless you are a Democrat. Unless you were compromised, bought, sold, and leveraged. Maybe the deep state has something on you. This is how it works with people. This is why they love Joe Biden. There's so much criminality on Joe -- but this is why Joe Biden was perfect. He's controllable. The moment that there's something that is threatening to you, that they can hold over you, the ghosts in the machine -- you did something wrong, you filed your taxes wrong somewhere sometime, they use that as leverage to force you into doing what they want. This is a mafia. The moment of Zen, the moment of true enlightenment is when you realize that your government is a criminal cartel and that all governments are criminal cartels that are controlled by the people who are not elected. OK?

And so, what you'll see today, potentially, are some Republicans that are voting because they have leverage leveled against them. It has nothing to do with principle. They did something naughty or presumably did something naughty, and then they're being leveraged against. The people who vote against Jim Jordan are the rats. This is a smoke out operation. We smoke them out. They are the rats. And, apparently, the phone lines have been melting through the floor. Apparently the phone lines are melting down inside of Congress. That they -- the phones are actually hot inside of these offices for people calling in. You're doing your job. I'm doing my job. We're doing our job to finally deliver the death blow to the uni-party in Washington, DC because if there's one thing that Jim Jordan ain't, it's uni-party. They hate him. They called Jim Jordan a terrorist. John Bohner called Jim Jordan a terrorist. 

Do you think that if Jim Jordan was in charge in 2017 when Donald Trump took office that we would have the America that we have today? Are you kidding me? If Jim Jordan had the gavel in 2017 what we would have is a wall, a competent border policy. Probably would have Donald Trump in the White House still. So, yes, this is a deep and abiding move in the right direction.