Benny Johnson: “Joe Biden believes in child sacrifice”

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Citation From the January 25, 2023, edition of The Benny Show, streamed on YouTube

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): Mike Pence has sabotaged a current news cycle about Joe Biden that was very, very important, which is Joe Biden's unique mishandling of classified documents for his own family's grift. For his own family's padding of their bank accounts with foreign cash -- Chinese yen, Russian rubles, Ukrainian -- whatever they use in Ukraine -- Bur-si-muh bucks.

This was particularly bad in the case of Joe Biden, but he has taken the heat off, he has given an exit door. Look, Mike Pence did it, and Mike Pence goes to church. Mike Pence actually believes the things that Christians are supposed to believe. Not Joe Biden. Joe Biden doesn't.

Joe Biden believes in child sacrifice, but Mike Pence believes that he's an actual Christian, right?