Yawn. New York plays dumb about Glenn Beck

You were expecting something else? You were expecting a journalist from a glossy mag or major metro newspaper to even hint within a Beck profile that his embrace of paranoid, often irrational anti-Obama rhetoric might somehow be problematic?

Sorry, that's not how the press treats right-wing media figures: the hate speech is never to be addressed in detail. So New York dutifully goes through the motions. Beck's a “populist” ? Check. (Apparently he's the pro-AIG big bonus type of populist.) Beck's a self-described “rodeo clown” ? Check.


Here are a couple nuggets that New York absolutely, positively could not include in its Beck puff piece:

--Beck claims Americorops bill “basically indoctrinates your child into community service though the federal government.”

--Beck claims “the government is a heroin pusher using smiley-faced fascism to grow the nanny state.”

--Beck claims Obama “is so clearly” a socialist. “He's surrounded himself with Marxists his whole life.”

--Beck claims the U.S. is on course to make the same “mistakes that Germany made during the Weimar Republic.”

--Beck suggests the federal government might be building concentration camps inside America. (A claim Beck could not “debunk.” )

But all of that goes down the memory hole at New York. Not a sentence, or even a phrase, to give readers a sample of Beck's unhinged rhetoric.