Woodrow Wilson gets roped in to Beck's anti-Soros crusade

As Glenn Beck has explained to us numerous times, he really doesn't like Woodrow Wilson. How much? In the middle of his heavily promoted attack on George Soros, Beck shoehorned in an attack on Wilson, by way of Edward Bernays.

How did Beck get there? He claimed Soros was orchestrating a puppet show (and literally played with puppets to get the point across), which he then compared to Bernays' book Propaganda. Beck cited a passage that references “invisible government,” and idea Beck said was “like shadow government,” which of course led him back to his conspiracy about the organizations Soros donates to.

The magic connection here, of course, was Woodrow Wilson, who appointed Bernays to create public sentiment in favor of World War I. Beck sees the invisible hand of Wilson behind all of the machinations that he perceives progressives to be involved in. He blames Wilson for single-handedly bringing about direct election of senators, excludes him from his role in women's suffrage, and in general mangles the history around Wilson's presidency beyond all recognition.

What's the Woodrow Wilson connection to George Soros? There isn't any. Glenn Beck just doesn't like either person, so he threw the attack together.