Why does the press call Glenn Beck a “populist” ?

Considering that it's a lazy and inaccurate description.

Yet the inappropriate tag pops up everywhere. Time's “Glenn Beck: The Fears of a Clown,” is an interesting read and he raises lots of worthy points. But it's just hard to get past this:

The new populist superstar of Fox News has made a refrain of predicting that government policies are leading to disaster — dark, ruinous, blood-in-the-streets kind of disaster.

On what planet does the guy who defends the AIG bonuses automatically win the “populist” tag? (How about “elitist” ?) Or the guy who claims the new president is going to take away your guns? (How about, “fearmonger” ?) Or the the guy who does this.

Stop playing nice with Beck. Just be factually accurate instead.