“What kind of help do you need?” Glenn Beck turns his Fox News show over to GOP

With one week before Election Day, Glenn Beck is no longer even trying to mask his political advocacy.

Yesterday, we highlighted Beck's legerdemain of “not telling you who to vote for,” while making abundantly clear the exact type of candidates “you” should vote for. Just last night, for example, Beck pointed to Republicans Jim DeMint, Michele Bachmann, Jason Chaffetz, Ted Poe, John Culberson, and Mike Pence and said that “we need more people like this” elected to office.

Tonight, Beck finally dropped the pretense, turning his Fox News show into an hour-long telethon and GOTV drive for Republican congressmen Bachmann, Chaffetz, and DeMint.

Not even trying to mask his intentions, Beck at on point turned to DeMint and asked, “What kind of help do you need?” DeMint promptly directed Beck's viewers to a GOP fundraising website.

Indeed, Fox News has been giving the “kind of help” the GOP needs throughout this election cycle. Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada, famously bragged to her supporters that appearances on a “friendly press outlet” like Fox News can be quite profitable. GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell reportedly boasted that she had “Sean Hannity in my back pocket.”

To date, News Corp. has given at least $1.25 million to helping elect Republican governors and an additional $1 million the conservative Chamber of Commerce. Hosts and contributors have helped raise millions of dollars for Republican candidates.

Now, it seems, Fox News personalities can announce their intentions to help the GOP on air.

It's no wonder Sen. DeMint thanked Beck and “a lot of folks in the media” for helping to shape the Republican Party.