What Beck wants you to believe about Soros

Glenn Beck kicked off the first of two (or possibly three) Fox News shows dedicated to attacking George Soros. Today's show features several themes that Beck wants you to believe about Soros.

Soros is targeting America. Because of Soros, Beck said, “economies would collapse. Currencies would become worthless. Elections would be stolen. Regimes would fall.” He asserted that Soros has “waged a war against capitalism.” After collapsing regimes worldwide, Beck asked: “So what is his target now? Us. America.” Beck added that “political analysts say the shadow party he has built here greatly resembles those he created in other countries before instigating a coup.” He then aired a clip of Richard Poe claiming that Soros has “created his own party within a party,” the Center for American Progress, from which many Obama administration officials were recruited. Beck also said that Soros has “attack[ed] currencies all across the globe,” and that he has now “called for the devaluation of the dollar.”

Soros has a five-step plan for taking over countries, which he is now implementing in the U.S. Those steps, according to Beck: “form a shadow government” by “using humanitarian aid”; “control the airwaves”; “destabilize the state” by either “caus[ing] a political or economic crisis” or “tak[ing] advantage of an existing crisis”; “provoke an election crisis” in which you “wait for an election, and then you cry voter fraud”; and “stage massive demonstrations, and you accuse opponents of voter fraud through radio and TV stations that you control.” Soros has used these steps against every regime he wanted to overthrow, Beck said. According to Beck, Soros “has been laying the groundwork for change for the U.S. for decades, going through many of these steps one at a time -- sometimes combined”:

Step one, Soros has established his Open Society Institute in the U.S. Step two, he's been trying to control the airwaves by funding media outlets and attacking Fox News, and they're doing it now with millions of dollars on this program and Fox. Step three, Soros supports massive government spending, which will worsen our deficit crisis: Destabilize the state.

Soros wants a new world order. Beck said Soros “wants the world to be one global society without borders or individual governments. One global society, and one global gatekeeper.” Beck quoted Soros saying that “we need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy.” Beck asserted, “What is he going through all of this trouble for to achieve? Well, globalization.” He then highlighted a Soros quote that “The main obstacle of a stable and just world order is the United States.” Beck also claimed that Soros has “pulled no punches about the endgame. It's one-world government. The end of America's status as the prevailing world power.” Beck went on to say that “Soros' goal for achieving globalization is done through organizations -- puppet organizations -- and he remains in the shadow.”

Soros is the “puppet master” behind “the people who are taking our country apart piece by piece.” Beck referenced the “structure being put into place in our country” that is “designed to bring about the fundamental transformation that has been promised. Through the course of this journey of discovery, amazingly, all the paths, time after time, really led to one man. George Soros. One guy.” When Soros called for a stimulus bill, it was “the first thing on [President Obama's] agenda. When Soros called for a cap-and-trade bill, ”Congress introduced" one. When Soros called for campaign finance reform, Beck said, “Senator Russ Feingold, a progressive, and a few months later with John McCain, a Republican progressive, came with a proposal in hand for what would eventually become the McCain-Feingold Act.” That, said Beck, “ultimately led to the explosion of 501(c)3 groups, which can advertise at will,” and Soros “controls most of the most powerful” groups. Throughout the show, Beck detailed a long list of individuals and groups that are purportedly “puppets” controlled by Soros.

Soros may be controlling Obama. Beck named Obama as “perhaps” an “individual puppet” of Soros, adding: “Have you ever wondered who's at the other end of a BlackBerry? No president has ever had that. That was a security risk. Why did we spend so much money? Who does he need to talk to? Who does he need to see texts from? Who's writing the damn speeches on the teleprompter everywhere?” As noted above, Beck also featured author Richard Poe saying that “many of the people in the Obama administration were just drawn right up from” one Soros-funded group, the Center for American Progress.

Soros doesn't believe in God because he thinks he's a god. Soros is the son of Orthodox Jews who “doesn't embrace his Jewish identity,” Beck said, adding that his mother “was a strong anti-Semite -- George Soros' words, not mine.” Beck portrayed Soros as thinking himself above the law, highlighting quotes from him that “I am particularly interested in changes in the rules of the game” and that “I do not accept the rules imposed by others. If I did, I would not be alive today. And in periods of regime change, normal rules do not apply.” Beck quoted Poe calling Soros a man with “megalomaniacal ideas” and “messianic fantasies” who “thought of himself as a kind of god.” Beck adds: “He's been trying to reorder the world as if he is the creator. Soros has admitted in the past he doesn't believe in God. But that's perhaps because he thinks he is.”

Look for these points -- and any other Beck can come up with to attack Soros -- to be hammered further in upcoming shows.