WATCH: Glenn Beck's egomania reaching comical proportions

At long last, Glenn Beck's “Restoring Honor” self-aggrandizement festival is almost upon us. In Beck's words, the rally will mark a “turning point” in American history, where “miracles” will happen.

In a new promo posted on a “Producers' Blog” at his website, Beck humbly places the rally in the context of the moon landing, the Montgomery bus boycott, Iwo Jima, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and other landmark historical events. It also not-so-subtly suggests that Beck is following in the tradition of Martin Luther King (which is a farce), Abraham Lincoln, most of the Founding Fathers, Martha Washington, the Wright Brothers, and other notable historical figures.

To give you some sense of the egomania on display here, it starts with the line, “Every great achievement in human history has started with one person. One crazy idea.” Watch:

Bonus amusement: this unfathomably egomaniacal video is preceded by Glenn Beck shilling for Goldline -- and a Goldline banner ad pops up during the video as well. That's just the sort of hucksterism the Founding Fathers were known for.

Here are some of the historical events and figures as they appear in the video, brought to you by Goldline (Trusted And Used By Glenn Beck).