Veterans, national security experts slam Beck's “insulting,” “anti-military” support of a “private army” in Afghanistan

This past Saturday, ignoring rampant corruption among military contractors, Glenn Beck and Andrew Napolitano endorsed the idea of a “private army” taking charge of the war in Afghanistan, with Beck specifically claiming that there are “private individuals that could probably take care of things in Afghanistan better.”

In statements obtained by Media Matters, veterans and national security experts criticized Beck and Napolitano for their “outrageous” comments.

Retired Gen. Paul Eaton, who served in Iraq under George W. Bush and currently works as a senior advisor at National Security Network, called out Beck for his “anti-military rhetoric”:

I find the increasingly anti-military rhetoric coming from conservative circles disturbing. This is the time we need to close ranks with America's finest. Our men and women in uniform are doing very hard and dangerous work in Afghanistan with courage and conviction.

Rob Diamond, a Fellow with the Truman National Security Project and a US Navy veteran, says that Beck is “slighting the service-members who are fighting and dying for us in Afghanistan.”

It looks like Glenn Beck has developed a habit of insulting our men and women in uniform. First he takes advantage of injured veterans to raise money for his own political causes, now he's America deserves better. Our troops deserve better.