“They are us” : Beck expresses solidarity with Chamber of Commerce, solicits donations

Glenn Beck, responding to the White House's request that anonymous donors to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's campaign efforts be disclosed, has gone all in in his defense of the group. On his radio show and online, Beck solicited contributions for the Chamber, declaring them “our parents, our grandparents -- they are us.”

On his radio show, Beck said “I would like to make this the biggest fundraising day in the Chamber's history” and told his employees to promote the Chamber on GlennBeck.com and his news site, TheBlaze.com, and “get somebody on the phone” from the group. Beck asked his callers to donate “if you are as sick as I am of this lot” (referring to President Obama), and said that the Obama administration “hates” the Chamber as much “as I hate Woodrow Wilson.”

Beck led his listeners step by step as to how they could donate to the group, and also added that he was personally donating $10,000 to the Chamber. He also expressed surprise that his company wasn't already a member of the Chamber, saying, “I don't know why we're not. Can't we join the Chamber of Commerce in New York?”

Later in the program, the Chamber's Bruce Josten called in to Beck's show, thanking him for his donation and telling him that Beck's fundraising efforts had led to “the single highest contribution we've ever received” through their website.

On GlennBeck.com under the headlines section, Beck has listed a direct link to a Chamber donation page:

Beck's news site, TheBlaze.com, also promotes the story in a banner along the top of the site as well as a large graphic on the home page. Those links point to this news story, where readers are given a link to Chamber's donation page with the text “Listeners can donate to the Chamber here” :