As temperatures hit record highs, Glenn Beck rails against “climate hysteria”

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Citation From the July 26, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Glenn Beck Program

GLENN BECK (HOST): Hey, tonight on the Wednesday night special, what you need to know about climate hysteria. Oh my gosh, have you noticed it's hot this summer, Pat?

PAT GRAY (GUEST-HOST): So surprising.

BECK: It's hot.

GRAY: That is -- it's unprecedented. It really never happens.

BECK: Unprecedented. No, I've never experienced a hot summer. They're usually very mild, especially around August. Now, this is a hot summer, but it was also a cold winter. 

GRAY: Yeah.

BECK: You know, it's -- it is hot. Yes, it is. And you know what causes that? There is this thing -- if you go outside right now, depending on where you are, what time zone -- but you go outside and you look up, and you will see the sky is on fire in one particular spot. Yeah. 

GRAY: Weird.

BECK: Yeah. That's where that heat comes from. It is weird.

GRAY: Can we not put it out with a really tall ladder, and maybe a firehose?

BECK: Oh, well, I don't know. You -- I don't wanna put a lot of water into space because then it turns to ice, which is -- completely debunks the theory that the sun is the cause of all the heat. Then why is space, which is closer to the sun than us, so cold, right? They can't answer that. Anyway, wealthy climate crusaders love to hop from one climate change doomsday conference to another on their private jets, and then -- and then they try to tell us how we need to live our life and not travel, etcetera, etcetera.