Scenes From Glenn Beck's “Man In The Moon”

39 Images From Beck's Salt Lake City Event

Last week in Salt Lake City, Glenn Beck hosted a three-day extravaganza featuring a spectacle-laden stage show, a history museum, speeches and presentations from prominent conservative figures, and a large exhibit hall. Below are scenes from Glenn Beck's latest get-together. First featured are scenes from the exhibit area maintained by the Beck-linked charity Mercury One. Following that are scenes from the main event, “Man in the Moon.” 


The Blaze Radio was broadcasting:

Blaze Radio

Lines for a meet and greet with Beck:



Line 2

The official Man in the Moon store:

Beck Store

Beck's books were also on sale:

Beck Books

Other merchandise available at the event and scenes from Man In The Moon after the jump.

The booth of the National Center for Constitutional Studies sold books by conspiracy theorist Cleon Skousen:

Skousen Books

More Skousen books:

More Skousen Books

A book by Stephen J Spykerman, who gave a speech at the event to benefit Mercury One:


Books by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and David Barton, who also had key roles during the event:

Mike Lee, David Barton

One booth featured a variety of bumper stickers: 

Bumper stickers 1


Bumper stickers 2

Beck fans could purchase a board game, We The People:

We The People Board Game


We The People Board Game


We The People Board Game

Plenty of T-Shirts were available, often with pro-gun slogans:

I don't dial 911


What if Glenn Beck is right?


Guns Tshirts


Bible and a gun

Common Core was a frequent target at the event: 

Common Core

Another Common Core poster with others:

Beck, Common Core

Songs with Glenn Beck:


Booths in the exhibit hall were selling Survival Seeds:

Survival Seeds

Food Storage:

Food Storage

Even a survival shelter:

Survival Shelter





Now for scenes from the actual Man in the Moon. It began with an upside-down flag raising:


The stage with the robot to the left:


Beck took the stage and entered the capsule:


Some faces he made were more disturbing than others:


Featured early on were tales of humans, or “beasts,” as the Moon called them:

Cavemen Era

The moon leering at an unsuspecting woman during early times:

Cavemen era

Beck then relayed the story of the founding of America:




This led to a recounting of the Civil War: 

Civil War

But at the end, the eagles arrived:


This led into a World War Two montage with simulated warfare. Following that, Beck recounted the successful space proram that went to the moon. The final moon monologue takes place when men finally do land on the moon.


At the end, the lesson of the Moon's final monologue is that ... the Sun will come out tomorrow: