Restoring Hyperbole: Beck's Jerusalem Rally Will Be “A Planet Course-Altering Event”

Much as he did with his “Restoring Honor” rally last year, Beck is hyping this week's “Restoring Courage” rally in Jerusalem with outrageous hyperbole and overblown religious rhetoric. According to Beck, the rally “could be miraculous,” and will be a “life-changing, life-altering event” where “there's a possibility a pillar of fire appears.”

"This Could Be Miraculous": Beck Explains That His Jerusalem Rally Will Change Your Life...And Probably The World

Beck: “A Religious Figure That I Respect” Told Me That Restoring Courage “May Be A Fulfillment Of Zechariah Prophecy.” From The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: Somebody sent this to me last night -- a religious figure that I respect. He said it was sent in by somebody else and he said, “I've looked into this, and I think this might be right.” He said, “The Restoring Courage event,” he said, “I believe may be, may be, a fulfillment of Zechariah prophecy.” Listen to this from Zechariah. He's talking about, and in the days when all hell breaks loose, this is what the Lord Almighty says. Quote, “Many peoples and the inhabitants of many cities will yet come. And the inhabitants of one city will go to another. Let us go at once to entreat the Lord and seek the Lord Almighty. I myself am going, and many peoples and powerful nations will come to Jerusalem to seek the Lord Almighty and entreat him.”

Now I don't know what he was talking about, but gosh, that sounds familiar. That sounds awfully darn familiar. And let me tell you, many mighty nations are coming. Many. I don't know if this is just going to be something that we're all gonna talk about once we hang out and we're getting Slurpees at the 7-Eleven, you know, when we're all much much older. Or if this is Zechariah. I have no idea. [Premiere Radio Networks, Glenn Beck Program, 8/12/11]

Beck: Restoring Courage Will Be “A Planet Course-Altering Event” Where “There's A Possibility A Pillar Of Fire Appears.” From The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: There's a lot, a lot happening. And if you went to Restoring Honor last year in Washington -- there were over 500,000 people there. And if you felt it - if you felt it and you long to feel it again. Join us. You don't have to be in Israel. Join us. Grab a group around you. Watch it yourself if you have to. But you will feel it -- I'll tell ya, one of two things are going to happen. Either the press is going to ignore it, which they did really on 8-28. They ignored the message. They covered it and then were like, “and we don't even really understand what that was.” But half a million people felt it that were there. And they'll ignore it, and it will seem as though nothing really happened. That's my guess. But I'm telling you. It's going to change lives. I don't know how. I don't know what's going to happen, quite honestly. But it's going to change lives. It is a life changing, and I think planet course-altering event. And I would invite you to join us, either physically or virtually. Find out all the details at or Sign up right now. It is 8-21 - 8-21 is the first broadcast. There are three separate broadcasts that are explained at Check that out. The other thing that's going to happen - it's either going to be something that everybody ignores, or, I swear to you, and I mean this sincerely, there's a possibility a pillar of fire appears. I mean, I think this could be miraculous.

Or, you know, somewhere in between that option there. [Premiere Radio Networks, Glenn Beck Program, 8/1/11]

Beck: “This Is A Life-Changing, Life-Altering Event.” From The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: What we announced today on the Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem will be the same kind of feel that you experienced in Washington, except I will tell you, I believe much more profound. This is a life-changing, life-altering event. This is you making the decision. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 5/16/11]

Beck: Restoring Courage Will Be “A Pinnacle Moment In Your Life. It Will Define You.” From The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: You know, it's not just something that is -- that you -- because not everybody can afford to be there. It's wildly expensive. What we would like -

GRAY: What do you think it costs for the average person to fly to Israel? It's gonna be, what, $800 in airfare -

BECK: For the hotel stays and everything, and this is through people that we are trying to offer. And I think it's about $4,500. Now that -

GRAY: Is that doing it cheaply, or is that doing it -

BECK: No no, that's - I think that's -- I'm not sure, I better not stay - I better not say. I think that was like the decent package, but not like the full boat. But that does include - there are going to be other things during the week that we will be announcing as we get closer. If you thought what we did at the Kennedy Center was amazing, wait until you see what we have planned for the lead-up of this. This will be unlike - this will be, a, I think, a pinnacle moment in your life. It will define you. In the end, this event will define you.

GRAY: And we've said many times, 8-27 was maybe even more powerful than 8-28. For those who were able to be to that event it was just a - and we'll have events just like that leading up to this. [Premiere Radio Network, Glenn Beck Program, 5/16/11]

Beck: “I Wouldn't Be Surprised If A Pillar Of Fire Showed Up. Sky Is The Limit.” From the Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: I also want to tell you something else that is up on the website today, - where is it here - Dr. Mike Evans writes in support of Restoring Courage. I have seen many, many miracles since we started this Restoring Courage event, and I mean this sincerely. When we do these three events starting a week from Sunday, you know, the press will probably ignore it. It won't be a big deal. It will be made fun of who does cover it. But those who see it will be so deeply moved, I believe, by what's going on, that it will alter your life. It may not alter the world, but I believe it will alter your life. With that being said, I wouldn't be surprised if this did alter the world. I wouldn't be surprised if a pillar of fire showed up. Sky is the limit. I have seen miracles on this. [Premiere Radio Networks, Glenn Beck Program, 8/10/11]

Beck: If You Participate, “It Is Not Only Going To Change Your Life Forever, It Will Change Your Family's Life. And It Will Change The Direction Of The World.” From the Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: This is why I've said that we have to do Restoring Courage. You've gotta find what you believe, and we've got to make sure that we are in lockstep together and courageous in our own ways. Find out all about it in Israel, and how you can get involved here in America. I think we have like 400 churches that are reaching out in their community and they are going to be gathering and standing. It's an amazing number so far, and we're still two months away. I invite you to get involved one way or the other. Come. Come. Find out how you can be there with us. I am promising you this. What I told you last time, last August, if you come to Restoring Honor, it will be a life-changing event. I am telling you this, that if you go to Israel this year, or you, even if you can't afford it, if you virtually attend. And you really do it. You really connect with your community. It is not only going to change your life forever, it will change your family's life. And it will change the direction of the world. It really will. It will change you, and your family, and your world. If you will participate this year. And it's vitally important. [Premiere Radio Networks, Glenn Beck Program, 6/29/11]

Beck Suggested Rally Will Open The “Very Gates Of Heaven.” From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Let me tell you something. First of all, take six, please. Remember this up here? I said, radicals, Islamist, communist, socialist, will work together against Israel. Capitalism overturned. I said this in January. I'd left it up so nobody forgets, because everyone made fun of me.

When I saw Tunisia, I told you that is the Archduke Ferdinand moment. It will set the Middle East on fire and set the world on fire. And nobody will remember.

This is the moment the president is referencing. He is holding up a guy that set himself on fire as the next Thomas Jefferson or Rosa Parks. He's not backing off the “Arab Spring.” He is cheerleading it.

Well, finally, throwing in a token line about the Coptic Christian churches that are burning in Egypt, by saying the Coptic Christians have to have the right to worship freely in Cairo. Oh, well I hope some of them set themselves on fire to make the point.

The way this fundamental transformation of the world is being played is awe-inspiring. Have no doubt about it, it is absolutely brilliant. They have united with every enemy of capitalism, of Israel, of America, of the Western way of life. But it is evil and you should call it by its name.

This August, in Jerusalem -- I cannot believe I'm saying this -- it truly may be the last time you can stand and worship and see the holy sites of Jerusalem. The United Nations comes together in September to either endorse or condemn Israel. This may be it for our generation or for all mankind. I don't know.

Tomorrow on the radio and, in case you don't listen, go to, but you need to know immediately I'm going to announce I didn't make the decision of where -- we've reserved so many sites. Last night at 1:00 a.m. Eastern time, I made the decision -- because we had to be on the phone and give a decision to all of these places in Israel -- 1:00 a.m., man, I prayed on this one hard because what I'm going to announce tomorrow.

I thought it was -- I thought it was going to be rough going yesterday. Now with what the president has done -- let me tell you something -- this is going to be a life-altering event. It will take profound courage to stand in Israel because I believe the very gates of hell have just been opened against them, but the very gates of heaven are about to open up the other way. Join me at Information tomorrow. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 5/19/11, via Nexis]

Beck: “This Must Be The Third American Awakening.” From The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: The masks are about to come off. They are all coming off. This is the moment. This summer, you are seeing first the Arab Spring. Now the European Summer. And it could turn into the American Fall. You are seeing the masks come off. You are seeing so clearly where people stand. Clearly where people stand. It's up to you to actually see it and know it yourself. Forget about your neighbors or your family that will not get into the boat. If they don't see it at this point, keep moving on. They'll have to catch up. You've got to unite with people who understand it and see it. And I'm going to be issuing a call in the next few weeks to really, truly stand together. And not just in a movement. If 8-24 is just a day, the West loses. This must be a cultural moment. This must be the Third American Awakening. I will tell you now that I truly believe that God is not neutral in these things. I truly believe in Divine Providence and the protection of Divine Providence. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 6/20/11]

“God Bless Glenn Beck”: Restoring Courage Participants Sing Beck's Praises

Pastor John Hagee: “God Bless Glenn Beck For His Godly Courage In Making This Night Happen.” From GBTV's webcast of Restoring Courage: Love:

HAGEE: Greetings to each and every person who has given your time and treasure to join us in Caesarea with Glenn Beck and Restoring Courage celebration. I want to say personally, God Bless Glenn Beck for his Godly courage in making this night happen. This night is about courage, and the history of Israel is the portrait of courage. [GBTV, Restoring Courage: Love, 8/21/11]

Rabbi Aryeh Leifert: Beck Is A “Truly Wise And Courageous Man.” From GBTV's webcast of Restoring Courage: Love:

LEIFERT: This evening at the first event of the Restoring Courage program, we beseech you for your blessings and protection for a truly wise and courageous man, Glenn Beck, as he continues to stand up in support of your people, in your land. Nearly 2,000 years ago, the great Rabbi Akiva stood courageously just a few hundred meters from this spot and paid with his life for continuing to preach that which he knew was right and true.

Today, there are few people in the world who have the courage to stand up for what they know to be right and true. We thank you, oh Lord, for blessing the state of Israel and the Jewish people with a friend like Glenn Beck. One whose wisdom is deep, whose moral compass is pointed straight, and who has proven his commitment to the land upon which your eye is always set and to the people whom you have chosen to be a cherished nation. Eternal God, please also bless Glenn's wife Tania and their children and give them the strength to support their husband and father in his difficult holy work. At this time of crisis in Israel, oh Lord, we ask that you bless, protect and defend all the brave soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces and grant wisdom, foresight, and good counsel to our elected leaders. We also pray for a complete recovery of those injured in last Thursday's terror attacks near Eilat. Finally, oh God, we pray that you bless all of us who are seekers of the peace of Jerusalem. [GBTV, Restoring Courage: Love, 8/21/11]

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin: Beck Is “A Deeply Patriotic American, A True Friend Of Israel, A Fierce Defender Of Human Freedom And Human Rights.” From GBTV's webcast of Restoring Courage: Love:

RISKIN: I'm so honored to be with you in Caeserea this evening for what is a magnificent, transformative Restoring Courage event, conceived by the one and only Glenn Beck. A deeply patriotic American, a true friend of Israel, a fierce defender of human freedom and human rights. And endorsed by my revered and beloved friend, pastor John Hagee, one of the greatest religious leaders of the world. A man who has literally put his life on the line because of his love and support for Israel. And I'm overwhelmed by the presence this evening of so many of our Christian brothers and sisters, united with us by their great love for Israel. Christian friends of Israel, bridges for peace, Christian friends of Israeli communities led by Sondra Baras, and hosts of others who have come despite the fact that we have a war. Many of them from America, specifically for this meeting and these meetings this week. God Bless you all.

And I especially applaud the presence of the many Christian Arabs who are here, their religious leader, my beloved friend pastor Steven Khoury. [GBTV, Restoring Courage: Love, 8/21/11]

“Servant of God”: Beck's Restoring Honor Participants Heaped Praise On Him

Last August, Beck held a rally in Washington, D.C., on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” speech. Participants and honorees showered Beck with praise.

Reverend C.L. Jackson: “God Sent His Son To This Earth So That We Could All Gather. And I Think That's The Dream And The Vision Of Glenn Beck.” From C-SPAN's coverage of Restoring Honor:

JACKSON: God brought us here to this bright young, I call him, servant of God, son of God, Glenn Beck. And not only him, but Dave Barton and all of you. Some forty-eight years ago, right over here beyond the fence, I stood as a young man who was led here by God and Martin Luther King. Stood right over there.

My first trip here to Washington - the first trip on a bus to go through Mississippi, which they dared us to come because they promised us they would blow the bus up. And we came and served and [unintelligible] Dr. Martin Luther King preach, “I have a dream.” Thank you.

But let me say this, can I get out of your hair? God sent his son to this earth so that we could all gather, and I think that's the dream and the vision of Glenn Beck. [C-SPAN, Restoring Honor, 8/28/10]

Jon Huntsman Sr.: Beck Is “One Of America's Most Trusted And Honored Citizens.” From C-SPAN's coverage of Restoring Honor:

EMMA HOUSTON: As you can tell, I am not Mr. Jon M. Huntsman. I am honored to be here today representing Mr. Jon M Huntsman and receiving Glenn Beck's award for charity. I know of no more charitable individual than Mr. Huntsman. He deeply regrets that a family marriage occurring at precisely this time precludes him from being here personally. He has a granddaughter getting married.

He expressed his humility upon receiving this great honor, and may I quote him exactly: “Glenn Beck is one of America's most trusted and honored citizens. I am grateful to him for presenting to me, through Emma Houston, this award for charity. Many other people are far more deserving.” [C-SPAN, Restoring Honor, 8/28/10]

Beck Co-Host Pat Gray: You Know Beck As “America's History Professor.” From's Insider Extreme broadcast of “Divine Destiny”:

GRAY: I'm not here to dance. Settle down. I'm Pat Gray of The Glenn Beck Program. I've known Glenn for over twenty years. Oh, the stories I could tell if the press only got a hold of me. You know him as the host of a cable news show at 5 eastern on Fox. You know him as the host of the third most listened-to radio program in all of America. You know him as, as someone described to me in line at the National Archive today, “America's History Professor.” Someone who tells the truth about what's going on in America today.

I know him as someone who cares so deeply about America that he loses sleep nightly. I know him as someone who loves his wife and children so dearly that he puts his neck out there for the media to take hacks at all day every day. Yes, I knew him during the so-called dirtbag years. But I also know him as a man who has had a total transformation of heart. He is a man who now loves people with all his heart, and loves the lord with all his heart, mind, and spirit. I know him as a man, and so do you, as a man who works tirelessly fighting for this country and put this together. This is his brainchild tonight and tomorrow. Let me introduce him to you now, Glenn Beck. [, 8/27/10]

Alveda King Thanked Beck For Using “His Popularity And Influence To Bring Us Together.” From C-SPAN's coverage of Restoring Honor:

KING: It's absolutely wonderful for Glenn to use his popularity and influence to bring us together to focus not on an election or a political cause, but to focus on honor and on the content of our character, and not the color of our skin. God bless you, Glenn. [C-SPAN, Restoring Honor, 8/28/10]

“American Miracle”: Beck Hyped Last Year's Restoring Honor Event With Similar Hyperbole

Preceding last year's “Restoring Honor” event in Washington, D.C., Beck promoted the event with similarly over-the-top rhetoric:

  • Beck: 8-28 “A Defibrillator To The Heart Of America.” [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 8/16/10]
  • Beck Said 8-28 Would Be “The Woodstock Of The Next Generation.” [Premiere Radio Network, The Glenn Beck Program, 8/19/10]
  • Beck Suggested 8-28 Might Be “Remembered As The Moment America Turned The Corner.” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 6/8/10]
  • Beck Thought His Rally Would “Grow The Next George Washington And Abraham Lincoln.” [Premiere Radio Network, The Glenn Beck Program, 5/27/10]
  • Beck Promised 8-28 Rally Would Be “One For The History Books,” And A “Turning Point In America.” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 6/10/11]
  • Beck Claimed 8-28 Would “Reclaim The Civil Rights Movement.” [Premiere Radio Network, The Glenn Beck Program, 5/26/10]
  • Beck Thought It Was “Divine Providence” That His 8-28 Speech Coincided With The Anniversary Of Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have A Dream” Speech. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 6/18/10]
  • Promotional Video Placed 8-28 In Context Of Moon Landing, Iwo Jima, Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence. [, accessed 8/26/10]
  • Beck Asked Listeners To “Be A Part Of An American Miracle” On 8-28. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 8/23/10]
  • After 8-28, Beck Pointed To Geese Flying Over The Event As A “Miracle”: “I Think It Was God's Flyover.” [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 8/30/10]