PolitiFact's Most Popular 'Truth-O-Meters' Involve Tea Party, Glenn Beck

As part of its three-year anniversary celebration, PolitiFact Founder Bill Adair posted a fun look back at its beginnings, which noted its popular Truth-O-Meter's fact-checking of pundit and politician comments.

Adair revealed the top five most popular Truth-O-Meter reviews of the past year, with two of them involving Glenn Beck statements deemed “false.” The most popular, as the list shows below, was when bloggers declared millions had attended a Tea Party event last September. That earned a “Pants-On-Fire” rating.

Most popular Truth-O-Meter items of the past year

1. Bloggers claim photo shows millions at “tea party” protest
2. Glenn Beck says less than 10 percent of Obama Cabinet has worked in private sector
3. Joe Wilson of South Carolina said Obama lied, but he didn't
4. Glenn Beck and others repeat claim that White House political director Patrick Gaspard was once the political director for Bertha Lewis, chief organizer of ACORN
5. 2011 W-2 tax forms and HR 3590: No, you won't have to pay taxes for health insurance