Note to Bill Kristol: Glenn Beck Isn't Interested In “Debate”

The Fox News intramural war over Egypt continues to spill out into the open, with employees Glenn Beck and Bill Kristol in the spotlight. But somebody ought to inform Kristol that it's useless to try to engage Beck in a serious discussion.

Demagogues don't really do debates.

You'll recall that over the weekend Kristol called out Beck's "hysteria" over the Egyptian revolution, claiming the Fox talker was marginalizing himself by spreading his nutty Caliphate talk. Yesterday, Beck responded with name calling, telling his radio listeners he'd have to “dumb it down” so Kristol could understand what was really happening in Egypt. Beck also ridiculed Kristol as being an out of touch, power-hungry fool. (What an insightful discussion!)

So this morning while appearing on MSNBC, Kristol suggested he and Beck would hash it all out on Fox News:

Good luck with that.

Fact: Beck is not in the habit of hosting people on his program who disagree with him. Even if they're conservatives and even if they work for Fox News. So the chances of Beck opening up his show to have an honest debate with Kristol about Egypt appear to be negligible.

The chances that Beck will continue to name-call Kristol? Those remain quite high.