Joining Beck, Townhall's Shapiro calls Obama “a racist” in column titled, “Barack Obama: The Black Jimmy Carter”

From Ben Shapiro's September 23 column:

Carter was a racist back in his day. Upon his return to Georgia after serving in the Navy, Carter joined the Sumter County School Board, where he supported segregation. He called his segregationist Lt. Gov. Lester Maddox “the essence of the Democratic Party.” When Carter campaigned for governor, he labeled himself a “redneck” -- surely a code word in early 1970s Georgia. Obama, too, is a racist -- his spiritual mentor was Jeremiah “United States of KKKA” Wright, he surrounds himself with folks like Van “White People Pollute Black Communities” Jones, and he is married to Michelle “I've Never Been Proud of My Country” Obama.

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