Glenn Beck worries the Respect for Marriage Act will harm procreation

He also worries that the bill will force Christian organizations to “hire people that are different”

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Citation From the November 30, 2022 edition of The Blaze's The Glenn Beck Program

DANIEL HOROWITZ (THEBLAZE.COM SENIOR EDITOR): When you look at this broader transhumanist agenda, everything they do seems to lead to a result of depopulation, undermining the continuity of civilization. You now have 21% of Gen Z according to Gallup, identifying as one of the alphabet soup stuff that can’t procreate or won’t procreate. That ain’t natural and that ain’t good.


BECK: This is why China reversed their one-child policy. You cannot sustain anything at this level without procreation. We also see just, there was a study out this week that fertility rates for men, way down all over the world and now we are codifying in the way that Roe v. Wade did -- honestly, I”m more libertarian on this where I don’t really care. 

You want to get married, fine. Just don’t tell me what I have to do and I’m not going to tell you where you have to get married. And this – the biggest thing on this is the fact that I think this is going to be used to start to discriminate against Christian organizations.


HOROWITZ: The amount of people identifying as one of these things grew 27% in one year.

BECK: That is crazy. And that is all social media and all propaganda

BECK: Is Mike Lee right with his amendment which failed, is he right that this is going to affect all kinds of organizations where you’ll lose your tax-exempt status and you’ll have to hire people that are different and you know, if you’re in a Christian organization, you want to keep those values, you’re not going to be able to keep those values.