Glenn Beck: Steve Bannon “Is Quite Possibly The Most Dangerous Guy In All Of American Politics”

Beck: Steve Bannon “Is One Of The Worst People. And Now He's Become The CEO Of The Trump Campaign"

From the August 17 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Radio Program:

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GLENN BECK (CO-HOST): The Trump campaign has verified now that Roger Ailes is working for the Trump campaign as an adviser.

STU BURGUIERE (CO-HOST): He's the former head of Fox News. Built Fox News basically.

BECK: Yes. Built Fox News. He's the guy who has left because of all the scandals at Fox. He's the guy who Rupert Murdoch, they're saying, is going to be in big trouble because they say that he had a hatchet team. You know, in the bowels in the basement of Fox News where he did investigations on people that he didn't like.

PAT GRAY (CO-HOST): Interesting.

BECK: OK. We have confirmation that he said, or that he is now working for the Trump campaign. All right. Next.

GRAY: Which you predicted.

BURGUIERE: Yeah, we should point out -- we should point out the day he left, you said what will happen is Roger Ailes would be working for Trump, trying to get him elected.

BECK: There you go.

BURGUIERE: Here he is, so prediction number one.

BECK: Here's prediction number two. Breitbart. The CEO of Breitbart is Steve Bannon. 

GRAY: Steve Bannon.

BECK: Steve Bannon. I always confuse him with Bruce Bannon. Who is the Hulk, which --

GRAY: What about Dr. Race Bannon?

BECK: Well now you've confused me even more because race will play a such a role in this, and the Hulk is Steve Bannon without the accident. He's just always the Hulk.

BURGUIERE: Yeah, I feel like the Hulk is a little more under --

GRAY: Stable. Little more stable.

BECK: He is quite possibly the most dangerous guy in all of American politics. I mean he makes Roger Stone, correct me if you guys disagree with me, he makes Roger Stone look like Mary Poppins. 


Look at this line-up. Roger Stone who was in the Nixon White House. Roger Ailes who was in the Nixon White House. 

GRAY: And now Steve Bannon.

BECK: Steve Bannon who is one of the worst people. And now he's become the CEO of the Trump campaign. Wait wait wait. And he is not leaving Breitbart.


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