Glenn Beck says New York and California will become “death states” after Roe v. Wade

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Citation From the June 24, 2022, edition of TheBlaze's The Glenn Beck Program

PAT GRAY (CO-HOST): It’s important to remember that overturning Roe v. Wade does very little to stop abortion in this country. It’s a very important first step.

GLENN BECK (CO-HOST): It won’t. It is going to — 


GRAY: But it will — anyone who wants to get an abortion in this country will still be able to get them. This is why the work — you know, we’ve talked about some of these organizations that we've worked with — is so important. It’s about still changing hearts and minds. This will not do it on its own but it’s an important step.

BECK: I think you are going to see states, California, New York, they are going to become abortion mills. They are going to do abortion vacations. They are going to push the limits as far — they are going to say if it’s up to the state, you will see. You will see laws in some states that say after a baby is born you can kill it. They’ve done it already in Chicago. They’ve done it illegally in Chicago. They talked about it in Virginia. They’re going to do it in New York. They’re going to do it in California. Believe me, and this will be the place where I think a lot of Americans will have to decide: “Can I live in a state like that? Can I be part of that?" This is so far — this will become so far over the edge that most Americans will be appalled by what is happening. Even those that believe they want to have reasonable limits to abortion, they will not find it reasonable what these death states will do.