Glenn Beck promotes gold to audience while profiting from gold investment firms

In recent months, Glenn Beck has repeatedly used his television show to plug gold as a way for his audience to “protect” themselves from the possible economic collapse of the U.S. dollar and economy. At the same time, several precious metals investment firms have regularly advertised on his television show, and Beck is a “Paid Spokesman” for Goldline International, which has an “exclusive” sponsorship deal with his radio show and bills itself as “Glenn Beck's Choice for Gold.”

Beck promotes gold on his TV show without disclosing Goldline deal

Beck “Three G's” solution to possible U.S. economic “collapse”: “God, Gold, and Guns.” On the November 23 edition of his Fox News show, Beck told his audience that in the event of a possible U.S. economic “collapse,” they should practice “the 3 G system” of “God, Gold, and Guns.”

Beck: “protect yourself” with gold. As Think Progress noted, on the October 6 edition of his Fox News program, Beck suggested that viewers could “protect yourself” from “the end of the almighty dollar” and possible hyperinflation by purchasing gold. In an October 7 blog post,'s Ryan Witt commented:

So what does Beck tell his audience they can do in response to the coming crisis of hyperinflation? Buy gold of course. Beck interviews a professor from Columbia University and in the end one of the things they advise the audience to do is buy gold. So Beck essentially scares his audience into believing that hyperinflation and economic collapse is a near sure thing and then advises them to buy gold to protect themselves. All along Beck never mentions that a gold-buying company happens to be one of his few remaining sponsors. Beck also never interviews other economists who believe that we are nowhere near the economic conditions necessary to see hyperinflation. Finally Beck also never informs his audience of the risks involved in buying gold. Gold has seen its price skyrocket with the economic troubles of the last few years and there is a real danger that the price of gold may actually decrease if the economy improves in the coming years. Quite simply if one buys gold high right now they may be forced to sell low later.

Numerous gold investment firms advertise on Beck's TV show

Since Nov. 1, the following precious metals investment firms have advertised on Beck's Fox News show, according to Media Matters for America's daily record of his program's advertisers:

Multiple investment firms typically run ads during any given broadcast of Beck's show.

Goldline has “exclusive” deal with Beck's radio show, Beck is “Paid Spokesman”

Goldline is “Exclusive precious metals sponsor of the Glenn Beck radio show.” Goldline International's website states that it is the “Exclusive precious metals sponsor of the Glenn Beck radio show, the third highest rated talk radio show in the country.” Presumably included as part of the sponsorship are Beck's regular live promotions for Goldline during the show.

Goldline website: Firm is “Glenn Beck's Choice for Gold,” Beck is “Paid Spokesman.” A Beck-centric page on the Goldline website declares the company “Glenn Beck's Choice for Gold” and identifies Beck as a “Paid Spokesman for Goldline.” Beck is quoted stating: “Before I started turning you on to Goldline, I wanted to look them in the eye. This is a top notch organization that's been in bussiness [sic] since 1960.”

Beck, Goldline websites cross-promote each other. The front page of Beck's website contains an ad for Goldline:

That ad links to Goldline's Beck-centric page.

The front page of the Goldline website contains a promotion of appearances by Goldline president and CEO Mark Albarian on Beck's radio show, with links to the audio of the appearance:

Beck invokes Founding Fathers in Goldline video. From a video Beck made for Goldline:

BECK: I've been spending a lot of time with the Founding Fathers lately, and I -- in fact, I just read last night -- there was a letter between -- I think it was Thomas Jefferson and John Adams toward the end of their life, and they talked about how -- what the future of America was going to be like and how bright it was going to be. And then it was going to shake apart and there would be troubled times, but then it would reset itself and it would be great again. But I'd like a little bit of insurance. That's why I want to talk to you a little bit about Goldline.

I went out and I toured Goldline I think about a year ago, and went to Goldline out in Los Angeles. Before I started turning you on to Goldline, I wanted to look them in the eye. This is a top-notch organization that's been in business since 1960. You see, back in 1933, FDR said, “OK, we're going to take all your gold and, gee, it's worth, $8 an ounce?” But some people got smart and they said, “Well, wait a minute, I've got antique coins. You can't melt these down. These are antique coins.” So I'm enough of a guy who doesn't trust the crazy people in Washington enough to say, “Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna buy the new Krugerrand,” which I don't know if you can get anymore. I'm gonna buy an antique coin, which has intrinsic value.

If you're like our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, then just know that what's on the horizon is temporary and this too shall pass. Here's the deal: Call Goldline, study it out, pray on it. If it's the right thing for you, then do it. But please study it out, find the people that you trust. The people that I trust are the people at Goldline. And you can talk to the people on the phone. They're not gonna pressure you. If it's the right thing for you and your family and you want some insurance, trust the people at Goldline. Thanks.

Goldline was “exclusive sponsor” of Beck's “Common Sense Comedy” tour. According to a graphic on Beck's website, Goldline has served as the “exclusive sponsor” of Beck's “Common Sense Comedy” tour.