Glenn Beck praises the way that Tucker Carlson is “putting the puzzle pieces together”

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Citation From the September 16, 2020, edition of BlazeTV's GlennTV

GLENN BECK (HOST): These are the things that are needed by radical actors to pull off a successful revolution and upend a country like ours. I have the media, just like the CIA, the three Ms - you control the flow of information. The left has already dominated this step. I can't believe what they're asking us to deny, what we see with our own eyes. They have everybody. MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, The Washington Post. All of them. 

Independent outlets like BlazeTV, basically all that's left. You go to Fox. Ok, well, Roger Ailes left. Not the same network, good thing and bad thing, not the same network. Rupert Murdoch is 89 years old and his family isn't real conservative. I think the only one that's really putting the puzzle pieces together is Tucker Carlson. And the news room is exactly the same as CNN, and I know it because I worked there.