Glenn Beck now running his own GOTV operation

Over the past few weeks, Glenn Beck has used his Fox News show to urge his audience to vote and to "[g]et your friends and neighbors to go in record-breaking numbers to vote," warning them of terrible consequences if they failed to do so.

Beck: “Vote for America” to stop communists, Marxists, Nazis

“You've got to vote and you've got to get your friends to vote” to stop progressives from “making the United States into a Third World country.” On the September 20 edition of his Fox News program, Beck detailed purported progressive efforts “to de-develop the United States of America” and "[m]ake us poorer and make the poor countries richer." Beck then provided his audience with the following “solution”:

Well, what's the solution? Well, the immediate thing you can do is vote. You are the last line of defense -- and our founders knew. Our founders that, in the end, our branches of government would fail and the last line of defense would be you.

But here's the problem. Our turnout is pathetic. Now, I don't want to tell who to vote for. I don't even know the candidates. Sean covers the candidates. I don't.

It's up to you to find the one that has anything that you agree with. You're not going to agree with a lot of stuff and you have can't trust these people. But you've got to find somebody that will put their foot in the door.

After comparing U.S. voting rates to those in Iraq, Beck said:

If the de-development of the United States of America into a Third World country can't get this -- this is the latest -- 38 percent.

If we can't get that over at least 40 percent, if the idea of making the United States in to a third world country cannot motivate enough Americans to get in to the voting booth, when these people will do it at death -- then you know what? Then we don't stand a chance.

But the good news is: it is. Americans know. All you have to do is reach out to the people with facts and reason. Reach out to the people -- I met them over the weekend.

I met all these people in Chicago. I met them in Clemson University. I met them up in Indiana. People said, “I voted for Barack Obama. I didn't listen to you, I believed all the crap. But then I watched. It saw what was happening.”

They're out there. They're out there. I don't care if you vote for a Democrat or an independent or a Republican. You've got to vote and you've got to get your friends to vote. [transcript from the Nexis database]

Beck's video urges audience to “vote for America.” On the September 21 edition of his Fox News show, Beck aired a video featuring footage from Beck's “Restoring Honor” rally. Beck's radio co-host, Pat Gray, provided the following voiceover for the video:

Mr. President, if restoring honor to America, defending our Constitution, and turning to God has become a radical idea, well, I guess we're in more trouble than we thought. On November 2, vote Democrat, Republican, or independent, but most importantly, vote for America.

After the video, Beck commented, “America, we have to get out and vote. We can do better than the way we've been voting.”

“You're going to have to get out and vote and you're going to have to get people out to vote” to stop Marxists and communists. On the September 23 edition of his Fox News show, Glenn Beck claimed (from the Nexis database):

BECK: OK. Not long ago, in fact, I think two years ago, many people, even still today, it's inconceivable to have people actually buy in to socialism and Marxism and communism. It's a concept that has been proven a failure every single time. And it's a deadly failure.

Well, now it's up to you. It's up to you. What do you choose?

You're going to have to get out and vote and you're going to have to get people out to vote. I can't imagine that people wouldn't vote this time around, but they -- so many people are still not awake. What's stopping us? You've got to wake up your friends and your neighbors. And some of you are doing just that.

I got a message the other day from a viewer who wrote, quote, “My cynical friend of 20 years says Glenn Beck and I have motivated him to finally register to vote and he convinced his wife.” Let me tell you something -- fantastic!

It doesn't even matter -- I don't care if they're voting for Democrat or Republican, whatever! Get out and stake your claim. Vote for the candidate you believe is bringing the truth. You make all of the difference. Now is the time.

He then aired the “vote for America” video he aired the day before.

“Vote” to prevent Nazi takeover. On the September 24 edition of Fox News' Glenn Beck, a member of the audience asked Kitty Werthmann, who grew up in Austria under the Nazi regime, “looking back, what would you had done rather than just, you know, maybe letting it happen? Can you see anything that you might actually encourage us to do in response?” Beck responded to Werthmann, “It actually goes back to what you said, vote ... your [Austrian] people elected Hitler with 98 percent.” He later added (accessed from Nexis):

BECK: I can't believe that we -- that we elect people of -- people of all faith, of all faith, elect people that we know are lying to us, know are not living decent lives. They represent us. They represent us. Well, OK, does that represent us? I think in many cases, it does. We must stop that.

“Get your friends and neighbors to go in record-breaking numbers to vote” because “we are in the end phase of the set-up.” On the September 30 edition of his Fox News show, Beck said (from the Factiva database):

We are facing the worst threat. We may stand in line for 20 minutes with someone trying to sell you Amway products, or I don't know, you know, somebody is like, I got to tell you some -- you know. But nobody has threatened our lives. Have you called your neighbor yet? Have you volunteered at a nursing home or a community center to help people get registered and tell people to vote? I'm not telling you who to vote for. I have don't care if it's a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent. Find someone who you believe more than the other.

He later added, “This isn't a game, America. And we are in the end phase of the set-up. Get your friends and neighbors to go in record-breaking numbers to vote.”

In the next segment, Beck warned his audience that "[t]ough times are coming" because progressive “activists are great at one thing -- dividing, disrupting, agitating.” He continued:

This is a nightmare. But they are about to go back to agitating, because once they lose control of the house, they have to. That is what they're good at. You must overwhelm them in numbers. Get out and vote this November.

Get someone else to vote. I don't care how they vote. Just get them to vote. Get off the couch. Get your neighbors off the couch. Be proactive. You just make sure - are you registered to vote yet? Register to vote. Make sure people in your neighborhood are registered to vote.

Get them out in droves and then stand peacefully arm in arm, because I fear the trouble is just about to begin. And it will only get worse. The sting, I believe, happens maybe after January.