Glenn Beck likens supporting Black Lives Matter to supporting the Nazis in the 1930s

Beck also likens Black Lives Matter to a cult “in many ways”

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Citation From the July 24, 2020, edition of BlazeTV's GlennTV

MATTHEW PRATTEN: I would say there is a disconnect between what the leadership's intentions for the group and what the intentions are for, let's say, people on the ground. There's, you know, over time I reckon, people on the ground would come to realize that what they're, sort of, campaigning for under, you know, under sort of the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter would, you know, sort of, when they look at the, you know, senior leadership wants, then there would, sort of -- I reckon they would, sort of, see over time that what they would be wanting is at odds with that the senior leadership at the top wants. 

GLENN BECK (HOST): So, but Matthew, wouldn't you say the same could've been said in the 1930s with the supporters of the Nazis? A lot of people, you know, kinda fell in with the Nazis early -- I mean, not real early, not in the 20s, but in the 30s -- because they agreed with a lot of the stuff that he was saying but not all of it, and so they went along. And then it just becomes too late to get out. You either have, you know, crossed the Rubicon and you're too invested in it, or it just has taken over. I mean, because you are joining a cult in many ways because you're not allowed to speak out. They're separating you from your family, they're telling you to stand alone and stand with them and chant their viewpoints. I mean, hasn't this happened before and it didn't fall apart?